COVID-19 UPDATE: We are still in session! Classes are being held online until it is safe to resume in-person. Registration for Summer 2020 is open so sign up online or call us at (714) 662-5400.

Spring Ahead

This weekend we “Spring Ahead,” setting our clocks to Day Light Savings. As we reset our clocks it is also a perfect time to reset our learning goals; including acquiring that foreign language you have always wanted to learn. Here at the Orange County Lingual Institute, we are just beginning our Spring I term. We […]

New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year when many of us look to making a New Year’s Resolution. A key element to a New Year’s resolution that sets it apart from other resolutions is that it is made in anticipation of the New Year and new beginnings. Those choosing to make a New Year’s resolution commit themselves […]

Holiday Heritage and the Gift of Language

For me, as for many, the holidays are about family. It is a special time to gather with those that we love; creating new memories while also fondly remembering days gone by. It is also a time when many of us continue with family traditions, many of which can be tied to our heritage. My […]

Adding A Little Romance

Looking for an interesting twist to date night? A new way to add “romance” to your life? How about learning a Romance language with your special someone at the Orange County Lingual Institute? The Romance languages developed from Latin in the sixth to ninth centuries. The term “romance” comes from the Latin “to speak in […]

Everybody knows some French!

You don’t know any French? Not a word? You would like to take French classes at the Orange County Lingual Institute, but you are not sure if you can memorize all the words? Don’t worry, you already know many French words. Did you know that approximately 28% of the English vocabulary is of French origin? […]

Learning Languages in Orange County

We, the Orange County Lingual Institute, believe in…   the comprehensive approach Our classes are not only conversational; we teach speaking, reading, writing, listening, and grammar. We think it is important that you understand the language instead of just repeating phrases. You will learn how to conjugate the verbs, so that you can use the language […]

The Importance of Learning Languages

Honduras, Guatemala, or Nicaragua? Or all of them? Have you ever considered traveling in Central America. Think about it. It is not very far and it is beautiful. I spent 6 months in those countries and I enjoyed it very much.  When I arrived in Nicaragua I hardly spoke any Spanish. Before I left Germany, […]

A multi-lingual trip to Canada

Canada is a country with two official languages – English and French! Wherever you go you will be greeted in English and in French and you can choose which language to speak. But when I went to Canada, I was surprised at how many languages I would hear on one day. There was German, Swiss […]

Discover the beauty of the French language

If you always wanted to discover the wonders of Les Misérables by Victor Hugo or read the famous comic Tintin in their original language, if you love French movies but would love to understand all the subtleties that can only be conveyed in its original form, there is only one solution: Come learn French with […]

Our French teacher introduces herself!

Bonjour! I am the French teacher at the Orange County Lingual Institute. Have you always dreamt of visiting France? You really should, it is a wonderful country with a great culture, delicious food and amazing people. France is a very old country and has a remarkable history. You will enjoy walking around the cities and […]