Message from the Director


Dear Students and Potential Students,

Welcome to the Orange County Lingual Institute. The Orange County Lingual Institute is a premier language school dedicated to helping those in the Orange County area who wish to learn a new language, learn multiple languages, or simply improve their current foreign language skills. The Orange County Lingual Institute has been in business for over 20 years in Los Angeles and operating in Orange County for the past 5 years. In Orange County we strive to provide to provide the best of the best to our ever growing student population. We believe we provide the best program, best teachers, best administrative support staff, best books, and best locations to the best students at the best value…(Read the complete Letter from the Director)

Why the Orange County Lingual Institute?

The Orange County Lingual Institute is your best choice for learning a language in Orange County. Offering language classes in over 25 languages with the most comprehensive schedule of classes available we are Southern California’s Premier Language School.

The real test is customer satisfaction. Our students return to us term after term because their progress is palpable and their excitement is learning is sustained . They know they are gaining the skills and knowledge to truly communicate in another language rather than simply recite phrases. Our outstanding faculty, intimate classes and university curricula are worth the investment; our students see the value and return.
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The Institute’s philosophy was clear from the beginning: to place paramount importance on the caliber of instruction and to teach the highest quality curriculum in small, personalized classes. Two decades later, the original concept has contributed to distinguish the Institute from its competitors by the excellence of its classes. Winning the attention of both academia and the press, the Institute has received glowing reviews regarding the effectiveness of its courses.

Our roster of more than 70 teachers is the highest paid in the field. We at the Orange County Lingual Institute feel that this is an absolute requirement to attract and keep the best of the best. Our outstanding faculty caters to over 3.000 students each year and teaches more than 15 languages and communication skills in over 100 classes every week. Small, motivated groups, solid course programs and highly qualified instructors are our key commitment to students and clients.


We believe that small class size, quality teachers, the best facilities and the highest quality textbooks are key foundations to learning a language. However, truly learning a language requires knowledge of reading, writing, and speaking; anything less is teaching illiteracy. Therefore, we offer a complete package of language learning similar to the approach used in universities where one begins by learning the alphabet while speaking and reading in present tense. Further tenses and more vocabulary and grammar are systematically introduced and studied as one progresses through the various levels of learning.

Our learning experience produces durable results by paying attention to the foundation of language structure. We know that effective learning requires a focused curriculum and active student participation; mere conversation is not enough to acquire sufficient knowledge in a foreign language. For this reason, we “ground” our training with the presentation and practice of grammar, targeted vocabulary building, idiomatic structures, proficiency in reading and writing, effective listening, intonation and fluency of expression.

We also understand that classes need to be exciting and looked forward to. We maintain the proper balance by creating a fun, social environment in which you can effectively learn and improve the language of your choice. In summary, the Orange County Lingual Institute suggests there are four things to keep in mind when learning a language:

Follow your heart: Choose the language you will love learning and using. Your resolve will be fortified by the depth of your motivation: a pending trip abroad, cultivating your cultural roots, or kindling relationships with neighbors, new family or in-laws. As your knowledge grows so will your connection to the language, the people and the culture.

Just a little every day: If you study ten minutes a day, you can accomplish a lot. Consistency and perseverance pays off as learning a language is a building process. Spend the time not only memorizing new vocabulary and practicing grammar but also having fun with the language by formulating little conversations, translating whatever you can in the world around you.

Seize the opportunity: Avail yourself of the wealth of opportunities in Los Angeles and Orange County to immerse oneself in any one of an extraordinary array of languages. Television, radio, films, restaurants, festivals, newspapers, neighborhood streets all present possibilities to at least listen and absorb, if not also speak and practice. The internet also provides a direct line to resources in the language of your choice. Of course, conversing with friends and family is the very best local immersion. Then travel, immerse yourself, and enjoy your trips like never before.

Stick to it: By attending class once a week for a single year, you will build a solid foundation of vocabulary, grammar, idioms, and cultural knowledge through active conversation, practice and review. Your teacher has the expertise to lead and encourage you through a well-structured, dynamic curriculum that will take you from the Beginning I to Advanced, but your tenacity is the key—the key to a new world, rich with new possibilities. A year of weekly classes accumulates into a greater knowledge that opens doors.


Our impressive faculty of native speakers is our greatest and most valued asset. Most have achieved advanced academic credentials and all possess a solid understanding of language and communication instruction and a deep knowledge in the specialized subjects they teach. Accustomed to motivational training, our teachers work under the principle that creating an enjoyable learning environment is a requirement for successful learning.

Now Hiring

We are always looking for the top candidates for Instructors & have open positions for all languages! Our teachers are primarily native speakers with teaching experience. Orange County Lingual Institute expects you to be dedicated, responsible, and passionate to teach. Classes are small, take place once a week, and held for 80 minutes. Most classes are held in the evenings (6:00-7:20pm & 7:35-8:55pm) but we also have morning & afternoon classes.

Our focus on high quality instruction gives students a balance of grammar, reading, writing and speaking skills while using college-level textbooks. If you love teaching, we invite you to be part of our school! Please send your resume & cover letter to