Discover the beauty of the French language

If you always wanted to discover the wonders of Les Misérables by Victor Hugo or read the famous comic Tintin in their original language, if you love French movies but would love to understand all the subtleties that can only be conveyed in its original form, there is only one solution:
Come learn French with us at the Orange County Lingual Institute.
You have visited Paris before and loved it? There is a lot more to discover! Each region of France has its own personality and wonders to take your breath away. Explore the beaches of Normandy where history was made during the Second World War, enjoy the calm and grace of the volcanoes in the Massif Central or relax in the delightful weather of Mediterranean Corsica.
I am a French teacher at the Orange County Lingual Institute and I am passionate about spreading the beauty of the French language. I hear all the time that a native French person speaking English is wonderful, what people don’t realize is how charming it sounds to hear a foreigner speaking French. Learning any foreign language is difficult so in our classes we make sure to ease you into the difficulties of the grammar.
The time when you would learn a language by listening to the teacher and never getting a chance to speak is over. At the Orange County Lingual Institute, we have a small class, which gives us the opportunity to put a great emphasis on our students. Through teaching you reading, writing, and grammar we are building up your confidence for speaking.