Learning Languages in Orange County

We, the Orange County Lingual Institute, believe in…


  • the comprehensive approach

Our classes are not only conversational; we teach speaking, reading, writing, listening, and grammar. We think it is important that you understand the language instead of just repeating phrases. You will learn how to conjugate the verbs, so that you can use the language flexibly and change the sentence “I speak Spanish” to “We speak Spanish”.

How do Babies learn languages? They are exposed to a language and after listening for a year or a year and a half, they suddenly start speaking it. Unfortunately that doesn’t work for most adults. We need more help than just listening and repeating. We usually need more structures and more explanations, more visual aids and more guidelines.

And that is what we do here at the Orange County Lingual Institute. We give you the tools to learn a language and to become proficient in it. This approach has proofed very successful for many of our students who have been studying with us in Orange County for a longer time.

As an example, a student wrote wrote:

I am happy that I found the Lingual Institute. I travel to France about once a year and wanted to improve my French grammar and ability to speak. I was tired of sounding like a young child who didn’t know how to put sentences and tenses together properly. I am learning a lot, speaking more clearly, and will continue my studies.

  • the best teachers

We are proud to hire teachers that are not only native speakers but also experienced in teaching. We think that is important because just being a native speaker doesn’t make a good teacher.  It is for a good reason that people who want to teach at a high school have to go through 4-6 years of studying and training. In Germany it takes you at least 6 years to become a teacher. That means there probably is a lot to learn. First, you need to become an expert in your subject. That is why we often hire teachers with a degree in languages. Second, you have to learn about teaching methods. That is why we like to hire teachers with teaching credentials. And third, teachers need to have a certain personality and we always try to make sure that our teachers have that. To attract the best teachers, we compensate them very competitively, better than most private language schools.


  • the best textbooks

It is always one of the questions. Which textbook? Usually there are many and usually the good ones are really expensive. When the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute (our big sister) first opened its doors 16 years ago, they made a decision about quality. They wanted the best of everything. This is still true today and we decided to use quality textbooks that are used at colleges and universities, that are good references for our students, and that take our students through all our beginner and intermediate levels. So instead of investing in a new book every 8 weeks, at the Orange County Lingual Institute they can work with the same book for at least a year.


  • the best location

Our Costa Mesa location is very classy and beautiful. Shopping and restaurants are nearby. Parking is convenient and it is very safe to come here. You can even go to a concert after your class. We believe that a warm atmosphere helps our students to learn.


  • learning in groups

Learning in groups has several advantages. First, the students help and motivate each other. Second, it is fun coming to a class and talking to other people who share the same interest and third, our students can meet during the week and study together, try Japanese, French, Italian, Korean, German, or Vietnamese food and practice speaking at the same time.


  • and language learning as a relaxing, rewarding, fun, challenging experience.

Thank you for reading our blog and choosing the Orange County Lingual Institute for your language learning experience.