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Adult Group Classes

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$225 - $275

Pricing varies by language

Deposit required to hold spot

Set Curriculum

4-10 students/class

Adults Only

Meet once a week for 8 weeks

80 minute classes

$30 New Student Registration Fee


For 8 weekly sessions

Full payment required

Curriculum geared for children

4-10 students/class

8-12 years old

Meet once a week for 8 weeks

60 minute classes

$30 New Student Registration Fee


For 8 private lessons

Full payment required

Curriculum tailored to student


Open to all ages

Meet on student’s schedule

80 minute classes

$30 New Student Registration Fee

Call for pricing

Full payment required

Curriculum tailored to client

Private and group options available

Meet on client’s schedule

80 minute classes

Held at the Institute or other desired location