Our French teacher introduces herself!

I am the French teacher at the Orange County Lingual Institute.

Have you always dreamt of visiting France? You really should, it is a wonderful country with a great culture, delicious food and amazing people. France is a very old country and has a remarkable history. You will enjoy walking around the cities and discovering beautiful buildings and landmarks at every corner. Are you curious about frog legs, snails and smelly cheeses? Don’t be shy and experience the delights French food has to offer.

If you decide to go on this magic adventure, knowing French will certainly take you places. French people always appreciate foreigners for trying to speak their language and they will make sure you have the best experience. Schools will sometimes just teach you old-fashion French. At the Orange County Lingual Institute, our French teachers are native speakers and we will make sure you speak and old-fashion French and understand and speak the language French people actually speak nowadays.

We thrive on making our students happy with fun classes that will give them the opportunity to learn at an adequate and agreeable pace.

I am from Normandy, very close to Paris, our beautiful capital. Paris will fill your eyes with enchantment: magnificent buildings, charming cafés and restaurants, and fascinating museums are waiting for you. Come to the Orange County Lingual Institute to learn the elegant language of Victor Hugo and make the most of your trip to wonderful France. More info about French classes