Do you want to be the world champion in Spanish?

Spain won the European soccer cup again! They are the first team in soccer history to win the three most important soccer competitions in the world in a row: the Euro Cup in 2008, the World Cup in 2010, and the Euro Cup again in 2012. They are definitely the best and most successful national soccer team in the world and we will see if anyone can stop them in the next World Cup in 2012 in Brazil.

Not only is the Spanish soccer team the best in the world, the Spanish language is also one of the best to learn. Why?

First, compared to many other languages we teach at the Orange County Lingual Institute it is not too difficult. It is not like Japanese, Chinese, or Korean where you have to learn a completely different alphabet first. It is not like Hebrew or Arabic where you have to learn how to read from right to left. Spanish uses the same alphabet we use, they have similar structures we have and some words we recognize by just looking at them.

Second, here in California it is a good language to learn because so many speak it. Did you know that 12,442,626 people speak Spanish in California? That is 34.72%. In addition, Spanish is the third most commonly used language on the Internet after English and Mandarin. It is spoken by 400 million people and it is the official language in 21 countries around the world. It is also the second most studied language and second language in international communication, after English and before French. Don’t you just want to be one of them and learn Spanish at the Orange County Lingual Institute?

Third, Spanish is just a very lively and energetic language. It is fun to listen to and it is even more fun to speak it. Wouldn’t it be great if you understood all those Spanish speaking people all around you? We can definitely help you with that. With Spanish native speaker teachers from different parts of the Spanish speaking world, it will be a fun and rewarding experience, you will profit from for your personal and professional career.

Our summer term is starting on July 9 and we would like to sign you up for your Spanish class at the Orange County Lingual Institute.