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Confirm that we have your language class.

We offer the most comprehensive selection of language classes in the Orange County area with weekly classes in over 15 languages. See our schedule of classes and more…

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Learn why we are the Best Language School in Orange County.

We can confidently state that the Orange County Lingual Institute is your best choice for learning a language in Orange County. We have the best value, teachers, texts, class size, students, location and overall experience and our students return to us term after term… (Learn more)

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Understand that our programs, policies, and even schedules are designed to help you learn a language.

We are designed and managed by professional educators and take pride in offering the highest educational experience and pay close attention to each important facet of learning… (Learn more)

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Be amazed at our location.

Classes are held at our new facility located near the South Coast Plaza and the Segerstrom Center for Arts in Costa Mesa. This safe location has easy freeway access and free covered parking…(Learn more)

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Take action to commit to your first term of classes.

Either register on-line or call us so we can answer all your questions. If you are a beginner you already know your level and can simply register on-line. If you do not know your level, please call and we will help you determine the right level class at our institute.

At any point in the process, please call to talk to a real education professional.

How We Do It

Adults can learn a language (without gimmicks or false promises) at a very reasonable pace while enjoying life in Orange County, maintaining a job, and being involved in their family life. Just three major ingredients are needed: 1) an excellent teacher, 2) an excellent text, and 3) a class full of like-minded people. Success in learning a language here at the Orange County Lingual Institute can be achieved by attending an 80-minute class once a week, completing 10-15 minutes of homework each night, and being persistent.

The classes include elements of laughter, fun and camaraderie, making it a weekly event people really look forward to attending. People are taught steadily; as they are inspired and motivated to continue, they keep at it and become more advanced in their skills. As students progress, they continue to attend increasingly advanced classes, where they review, practice, increase their vocabulary and their speed, becoming more fluent. Learning a second language enriches the lives of the speakers and is an amazingly rewarding experience.

The real test is customer satisfaction. Our students return to us term after term because they see progress and their excitement is learning is sustained. They know they are gaining the skills and knowledge to truly communicate in another language rather than simply recite phrases. Our outstanding faculty, intimate classes and university curricula are worth the investment; our students see the value in their time spent and continue term after term. Learning can become a wonderful social habit.