corporate language classes

The evolving demands of business require the acquisition of new skill sets and cultural competency. Corporate language training from The Orange County Lingual Institute offers comprehensive language courses that allow your company to conduct business on a global scale. We are conveniently located in the heart of Orange County near the South Coast Plaza and have offered services to the community since 2012. We provide the ease and convenience of classes at your place of business.

English Language Class Training for Professionals

The Orange County Lingual Institute offers top-level quality English language classes for professionals in Orange County and beyond. We take pride in the delivery of our curriculum and use of highly-educated, native English speakers and college-level tools. We also offer private tutors for additional instruction. If you’re a professional and want to develop your talents, the Orange County Lingual Institute is the place for you.

Our corporate English language programs follow one of two distinct tracks. We offer English classes from beginning to advanced levels, accommodating every skill set. The second area of instruction is accent reduction. The aim of these classes is to evaluate where a student could benefit from additional articulation practice and develop personalized exercises to address these areas. Accent reduction courses may include pronunciation, tongue twisters, readings, and more. We pride ourselves on giving non-native English speakers the individualized attention they need to succeed.

Corporate Japanese Language Classes

Japanese is one of the most commonly used languages for conducting business on a global scale. If you want to learn Japanese, The Orange County Lingual Institute is the premier destination for corporate language training in the area. Our facility, conveniently located in Costa Mesa, delivers world-class education in your own backyard.

Our Japanese classes are comprehensive in nature and can accommodate any skill level. We offer courses for anyone from those just beginning to acquire the language, to those who are looking to hone their conversational skills. We also offer private and semi-private instruction depending on local need and availability. Our classes typically meet for 80 minutes, help individuals gain the skills they need to advance, and give businesses the ability to take their company to the next level.

Chinese Language Courses for Professionals

As the nature of business continues to globalize, so does the need for professionals who speak Chinese. As one of the most powerful economies in the world, Chinese-speaking people are frequently a part of trade negotiations and other business matters. The Orange County Lingual Institute offers high quality Chinese language classes for professionals located all over the area. Our central location makes acquiring another language convenient and accessible.

We offer a comprehensive variety of Chinese language courses that reflect a student’s needs and current abilities. Our classes range from beginner level to those looking to participate in advanced conversation. Our corporate training courses may be private or semi-private depending on need and local availability. If you are looking for a place to gain or hone your Chinese speaking skills, The Orange County Lingual Institute is your solution.

Spanish Language Courses for Professionals

Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the United States, particularly in Southern California. A command of the Spanish language is often necessary to conduct business on a local level, and can also prove lucrative for international business with countless countries.

The Orange County Lingual Institute is the top language destination in the area, attracting businesses from all over the region. Our high quality instructors provide tutoring and one-on-one teaching depending on availability and individual need. We recruit native speakers to provide college-level instruction using university materials and other techniques that foster a seamless acquisition of the language. We offer our courses at a variety of skill levels, from beginning Spanish to conversational writing and speaking.

At The Orange County Lingual Institute, we are committed to helping your business achieve its goals and compete at a global level. As the nature of business increasingly connects and intertwines across countries, your business must take steps to stay ahead of the competition. Corporate language courses from The Orange County Lingual Institute helps your employees gain new language skills and conduct more business than would otherwise be possible.

If you need corporate language training, the professionals at The Orange County Lingual Institute are here to help. Our central location helps you access quality instruction in a state of the art facility. To learn more about our offerings or to get started with corporate language training today, please contact us. Classes fill quickly, so don’t delay!